Dr. K. Fleidervis

Specialist in general surgery, coordinator
Telephone: +358 449582709
Specializes in: varicose vein treatments, hernia surgery, gallbladder surgery, haemorrhoid surgery..

Dr. P. Kirjanen

Specialist in plastic surgery
Telephone: +358 449582709
Specializes in: breast surgery, abdominoplasty, upper arm and thigh lift, eyelid surgery.

Dr. A. Doba

Specialist in gynaecology, coordinator
Specializes in: labia surgery, sterilisation reversal surgery, removal of myomas or uterus, sterilisation by laparoscopy.

Dr. D. Kulak

Specialist in orthopaedics
Telephone: +358 449582709
Specializes in: Arthroscopic knee surgery, knee joint replacement surgery, Hip joint replacement surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, bunion surgery.

Dr. S. Troost

Head of development
Specializes in: weight loss surgery


Patient support person

Dr. Rein Adamson

Head of development
Specializes in: weight loss surgery: plication, gastrisk ballong, bypass, etc.